We've been online for over 10 years now. Car stereo no longer plays a role in my life and the business it spawned, I no longer own. Some of the friends I made through car stereo have lasted a lifetime.

So long and thanks for the memories: Road trips, late nights, 7-11 and crappy tire parts runs, arguing over points, sleeping in cars, didja eat yet?, hassling waitresses, sanding fiberglass, green hair, red hair, purple hair, clown hair cuts, macrom dude, CCA, check the woltage, what sucks?, locking Peter in the garage when he fell asleep, propane heaters, grinders - bench and handheld, damloud teeshirts, proguard, autographed car parts, 1 Khz test tones, sitting on the dock of the bay, learning to fiberglass in a kitchen, etc.

Thanks to Aaron, Gene, Toby, Verne, Peter, Rob, Kam, John, Terry, Paul V., Mike M, and everyone else I met in the lanes and over the web.

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